When eating a whole food plant-based diet, it’s import to eat enough during the day. Prepare your snacks the night before so you have them ready for the next day. Choose snacks that contain protein and fiber. Good choices are nuts, whole grain crackers, raw vegetables, hummus, avocados, olives. EvenRead More →

Who doesn’t love pizza night!!!!???? This is a recipe that is easy to make on a busy night. I use corn tortillas in this recipe to make it really easy and you don’t have to deal with dough. Also, the corn tortillas get really crisp in the oven, so thisRead More →

I was all set on making a wonderful asparagus whole food plant-based risotto, then I pulled out my asparagus and realized it was unusable. So I went through my fridge and decided to use quite a few vegetables instead. In this recipe, I use leeks, onion, garlic, carrots, mushrooms, zucchini,Read More →

This oatmeal tastes just like banana bread. Bananas are a great addition to your morning breakfast. Bananas are something you should definitely eat on a whole food plant-based diet. Health Benefits of bananas: Potassium – This can help to lower blood pressure and prevent heart disease. Vitamin B6 – B6Read More →

I crave salty snacks more then I do sweets; but for some reason, I felt a little hungry for a cookie. I had some dark chocolate chips so I decided to try chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. When eating on a whole food plant-based diet there are still options forRead More →

Grilling is pretty easy to do. I love grilling because I can cook meat for my family easily and make tofu for me at the same time. Don’t be afraid of tofu. If you cook it the right way it’s delicious and takes on the flavor of whatever you cookRead More →

Potatoes are a root vegetable and good to eat on a plant-based diet. While it’s better to have sweet potatoes, white potatoes are fine to have every once in a while. Potatoes are a root vegetable and good to eat on a plant-based diet. While it’s better to have sweetRead More →